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David Cornock, BBC Wales

The World at One may not have referred to England, which is clearly regrettable, but the main TV bulletins certainly did. Did any other broadcasting network or UK national newspaper make any reference to the policy applying only in England? The Prime Minister's "pivotal" speech on education yesterday made one reference to Britain and did not use the word England or the phrase "English schools" once. Perhaps the BBC aren't the only ones who don't get devolution?!



I have to say I saw several BBC Network TV (and network radio) items that did not refer to the fact that these proposals applied only to England. I think the problems were picked up later in the day, as with the BBC Online item I cited. TWTW is usually one of the worst offenders in my experience.

Your general point is right that most reports in the press ignored the fact that the proposals were England-specific - but we expect better from the BBC!


The ommission of the word 'England' by Blair is political. The BBC should be above making such ommissions, and should go further by drawing attention to the ommission.

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